Coriandolo Radio

What is Coriandolo Radio?

Coriandolo Radio is an open-source radio protocol designed specifically for connecting to and downloading data from remote sensor/loggers.  It is a “frequency hopping” protocol operating in the 2.4GHz radio band.  Coriandolo Radio may be customized to fit the needs of the application.


Why a new radio protocol?

Collecting sensor data from geographically-dispersed, low-powered data loggers is a problem. The loggers can record many kilobytes of data, which must be periodically gathered. Sending “collectors” into the field to connect to each logger one-at-a-time to upload the data is time-consuming, cellular radio requires lots of power and building a mesh radio infrastructure to “route” the data is expensive and often impractical.

So, we asked the question “would it be possible to gather sensor-logger data while driving by the remote sites without stopping?” Current radio protocol choices were not designed for this scenario. Low-energy radio protocols such as BLE transfer data slowly. Wi-Fi uses a lot of power and may take seconds just to establish the connection.

Coriandolo Radio achieves these goals.  The sensor radio module operates at very-low power while remaining responsive to requests; after sensor data is captured, it can be rapidly uploaded to a base unit.  The protocol presently is used by sensors that collect “sound” data that indicates possible leaks in municipal water pipes.

Interested in more information

  • Documentation on the Coriandolo Radio protocol – An introduction to Coriandolo Radio.
  • The source code files for the Coriandolo Radio protocol and test code are available on GitHub.
  • Some additional protocol information, description of the CR hardware module and how to buy can be found here.

Coriandolo Radio module

Coriandolo Radio module

After that

Coriandolo Radio is easily configured for many applications.  Custom functionality is added by creating new “wrappers” that provide higher-level operations without the need to modify the FCC-approved protocol.  The protocol can also be ported to alternative hardware (which may require new approval).

CoAutomation can help you customize and integrate Coriandolo Radio into your design.
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